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Our interlocking sports flooring is highly appreciated by clients all around the world, due to its outstanding features.

Long Life
Our interlocking sports tiles are primarily manufactured using polypropylene, but we also add numerous additives to allow better resistance to cold, oxidation and UV radiation. As a result, our product works normally under different weather conditions for at least 10 years, with no surface cracking, surface deformation or color fading.

Our interlocking floor mats are made from food grade PP, and the material is odorless, non-toxic and antibacterial.

Our modular sports floor is not only suitable for constructing a variety of sporting courts, but is also great for playgrounds and recreational sites. Our outdoor perforated sports flooring also offers superior water drainage performances, making it safe to be on even after it has rained.

Effective Cushioning and Good ball rebounding
Due to the implementation of reinforced support legs and arched suspension beams, our interlocking sports tile provides remarkable shock absorption, better protecting athletes from sports related injuries, and its ball rebound rate can reach up to 96%, which is higher than standard values which reach less than 90% as regulated by national standards.

Standard friction
When it comes to slip resistance, we take bionics into consideration and ensure that friction in our interlocking tiles conforms to the DIN 18032 standard.

High Price to Performance Ratio
Our interlocking sports flooring is a highly cost-effective product when compared to our competitors, and specific examples follow.

Low initial investment: Less than 30% than that of a traditional wooden sports floor.
Great applicability: It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.
Long life: It has a service life that is twice that of PU or silicon modified PU sports flooring
Stable quality: Waterproofing treatment is not required for the subsurface or concrete.
Various colors: We offer a variety of colors, and customers can request customized colors.
Easy installation, replacement and disassembly.
Low maintenance cost