Shijiazhuang DECKING Athletic Facilities Co., Ltd.

Add.: Software Building, Gloden Stone Industrial Zone,No.368,Xinshi North Road, Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province, China

Tel.: +86-311-83839586

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Contact Person: Sunny Tian (General Manager)

DECKING is an interlocking sports flooring expert in China, and what makes us so great is our unique company advantage.

1. High Quality Product
Under normal working conditions, our interlocking sports tile could serve for 10 years or longer. However, if there are damaged tiles, we will replace them within 7 days. In particular, our bird nest pattern interlocking sports flooring, criss-cross pattern swimming pool flooring and elastic 3D pattern interlocking sports flooring are patented products.

2. Dedicated Edge Strip and Corner Strip
Our interlocking plastic flooring is supplied with dedicated edge strips and corner strips. So, finished sports court is beautiful and practical.

3. Specially Designed Paint for Line Marking
Thanks to the line marking paint specially designed for PP surface, all the lines are robust and long lasting.

4. No Thermal Expansion and Contraction
The proprietary elastic 3D pattern interlocking sports flooring perfectly solves heat-induced expansion and contraction, making it possible to lay these interlocking floor tiles continuously without surface cracking and deformation regardless of field size.