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The interlocking flooring allows extremely convenient installation, but please make sure the installation area is clean, flat and solid.

1. Prepare enough interlocking tiles and necessary installation tools.
  • Top Surface of Interlocking Tile
  • Back Surface of Interlocking Tile
  • Edge Strip with Single Line
    of Connection Buckle
  • Edge Strip with Double Line of Connection Buckle
  • Corner Strip
  • Rubber Mallet
2. Set the top left corner of the installation field as a starting point.
3. Start installation from left to right, and tap the rubber mallet over the surface to interlock tiles together.
4. Use the rubber mallet to connect floor tiles and edge strips. Edge strips with double line of buckle should be connected to floor tiles with pins, while ones with single line of buckle should be connected to floor tiles with buckles.
5. During installation, tabs and loops must be well aligned to avoid damage to tiles.