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Interlocking Floor Tiles (For Volleyball Court Flooring)

This interlocking floor tile is especially designed for volleyball court. It provides excellent shock absorption and cushioning effects to reduce the risk of sports related injuries, and also reduces fatigue in users. With a friction range of 0.4-0.6, this sports surfacing allows athletes to move and stop freely, thus letting them play to the best of their ability.

Color Option
Image Item Court Surround Case
Salmon pink + Blue Salmon pink (PZ-0104) Blue (PZ-0502)
Volleyball Court
Bright red + Blue Bright red (PZ-0109) Blue (PZ-0502)
Green + Dark red Green (PZ-0402) Dark red (PZ-0106)
Available Interlocking Floor Tiles For Volleyball Court Flooring
Image Product Size per tile (L×W×H, mm) Benefits Required number by a standard 18×9m court (pieces)
DKA bird nest pattern interlocking sports flooring 300×300×13 1. Beautiful and durable
2. High compressive strength
DKB1 mini-square grid pattern interlocking sports flooring 250×250×12.7 1. Arched surface for better protection
2. Good friction (DIN standard)
3. High performance price ratio
DKD crossing grid pattern interlocking sports flooring 250×250×12.7 1. High compressive strength
2. Beautiful look
3. Low price and long life
DKST elastic 3D pattern interlocking sports flooring 250×250×15 1. Good shock absorption for better protection
2. Continuous installation without cracks
DKLX two-layer rhomb pattern interlocking sports flooring 304.8×304.8 ×15.8 1. Good ball rebound
2. Robust and durable

1. Our volleyball court interlocking tiles can come in tailored colors to meet your needs, and a drawing can be provided simulating the final appearance of your court.
2. Lines can also be provided according to your needs.



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