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Interlocking Floor Tiles (For Tennis Court Flooring)

The interlocking floor tile is great athletic flooring for tennis and net games. It forms a professional and comfortable tennis court, allowing to play without concern for your health.

As a specialized modular sports floor manufacturer and wholesaler, we are willing to offer help in selecting the right product according to your needs.

Color Option
Image Item Court Surround Case
Green+Dark red Green (PZ-0402) Dark red
Evergreen+Oxblood Evergreen (PZ-0403) Oxblood
Sky blue+Green Sky blue (PZ-0513) Green
Blue+Orange Blue (PZ-0511) Orange
Available Interlocking Floor Tiles For Tennis Court Flooring
Image Product Size per tile (L×W×H, mm) Benefits Required number by a standard 23.80× 10.97m court(pieces)
DKA1 Bird nest pattern interlocking sports flooring 300×300×13 1. High compressive strength
2. Good durability
DKB1 Mini-square grid pattern interlocking sports flooring with ridges 250×250×12.7 Ridges on the surface for better friction: more suitable for tennis match 4180
DKD Crossing grid pattern interlocking sports flooring 250×250×12.7 1. High compressive strength
2. Low price
DKST Elastic 3D pattern interlocking sports flooring 250×250×15 1. Good shock absorption for better protection
2. Continuous installation without cracks
DKLX Two-layer rhomb pattern interlocking sports flooring 304.8×304.8 ×15.8 1. Good ball rebound
2. Robust and durable

1. Our tennis court interlocking tile may come with tailored colors, and a drawing could be provided to simulate the final appearance of your tennis court.
2. Lines are provided according to your needs.



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