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DKST Plastic Interlocking Floor Tiles (Sports Flooring with Three Dimensional Pattern)

The DKST plastic interlocking floor tile is a new interlocking floor mat released onto the market in 2014. It is a sports flooring with three dimensional pattern, and it can be used to build courts for basketball, volleyball, gyms, athletic tracks, leisure squares, and playgrounds.

Due to its elastic structure, this interlocking tile effectively absorbs impact and reduces heat induced expansion and contraction. The court surface will be flat and crack free, while simultaneously protecting athlete’s joints.
Our sports floor makes use of flexible edge strips to keep the entire court in place without the risk of shifting.
This pattern comes with different color options to provide various visual effects, and the OEM service is also available.

Technical Data
Product DKST three dimensional pattern plastic interlocking floor tile
Single flooring size (L×W×H, mm) 250×250×15
Benefits 1. Better shock absorption
2. Reduced thermal expansion and contraction
3. Improved adaptability to subsurface: fixing rings to connect flooring tiles to the ground
Application Basketball, soccer, tennis, athletic track, etc.
Material Polypropylene (PP)
Ambient temperature range -40℃~+70℃
Service life Over 10 years
Edge strip DKST-Y/1 DKST-Y/2 DKST-L/3 DKST-L/4
Edge strip size(L×W×H, mm) 50×50×15 50×50×15 50×50×15 50×50×15
Installation Installation Information
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