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DKD Plastic Interlocking Floor Tiles (Sports Flooring with Crossing Grid Pattern)

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The DKD plastic interlocking floor tile is a classic and economical indoor and outdoor interlocking tile with crossing grid pattern. It is manufactured from polypropylene, and its service life lasts over 10 years.

1. As a result of the improved self-draining design, water and dust can flow directly underneath easily, and then be discharged via the gap between support legs, which means it can be used shortly after it rains.
2. Our modular sports floor uses coupling pins and connection buckles as its connecting system to cut down installation time. It protects athletes from lower leg injuries caused by high horizontal impact forces without losing traction. Therefore, our plastic interlocking floor tile is particularly suitable for intense sports and activities.

Technical Data
Product DKD crossing grid pattern plastic interlocking floor tile
Single flooring size (L×W×H, mm) 250×250×12.7
Benefits 1. Back surface: arch structure provides higher compressive strength and ball rebound
2. Top surface: arc-shaped for better skid resistance
Application Basketball, soccer, badminton, roller skating, hockey, table tennis, ship deck, swimming pool
Material Polypropylene (PP)
Ambient temperature range -40℃~+70℃
Service life 8-12 years
Edge strip DKB/1 DKB/2  DKC/3
Edge strip size(L×W×H, mm) 250×50×12.7 250×50×12.7 50×50×12.7
Installation Installation Information
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